Children Dentistry

Dr. Richards is a complete family Dentist who loves seeing children from ages 1 to a 100

When should my child begin to see the Dentist?

Your child’s first birthday is an ideal time to help establish proper dental care and healthy hygiene habits. Your baby’s teeth will begin erupting their primary teeth between the ages of 6-12 months and this will continue until about age 3. Their first appointment is a great photo opportunity and a great time to show your child that the dentist visit is fun and informative. We answer each and every question that may make you anxious about your child’s dental health, including teething, brushing, thumb sucking, nutrition, grinding and many more topics. As your child matures, your concerns regarding orthodontics, teeth grinding, wisdom teeth and of course decay and gum health are addressed.

It is important for your child to see the dentist twice a year for an exam, dental cleaning, and a fluoride treatment. At each visit, you will receive a new toothbrush that will help to promote good dental health.

As permanent teeth begin to erupt, we recommend sealing the occlusal surface grooves to prevent cavities. Plus, avoiding sugary gum, candy and soda pop also prevents decay. Remember that building good dental discipline starts at an early age. We advise that you try to toothbrush at night and morning to reduce the bacteria that causes decay. Introducing the art of flossing is a great idea too, especially as the child gets older.

Dr. Richards recommends that Mom or Dad brush their child’s teeth after the child attempts to brush themselves. Mom and Dad need to make sure that all surfaces are brushed with the bristles including the front, back and top surfaces of their teeth where they chew. Using a children’s toothpaste with fluoride reduces the potential for tooth decay.

Plus, the mechanical action of the tooth brush bristles disrupts the plaque that leads to decay. Just use a tiny pea sized amount of toothpaste on your child’s toothbrush. Sometimes a fluoride rinse is also recommended for your child.

Tips for Child Comfort during Teething

Teething is a real issue and some parents will tell you that it was not their favorite part of parenting. We recommend giving your toddler a cold, wet wash cloth to chew on. This cleans the gum tissue and the cold is soothing. Freezing a banana or teething ring is another useful remedy.