Children Dentistry

Dr. Richards is a complete family Dentist seeing children from ages 1-100.

When should my children begin seeing the dentist- after their first birthday to help establish proper dental care and healthy hygiene habits. Their baby teeth begin erupting between ages 6-12 months and continue erupting until about age 3.

Dr. Richards recommends mommy or daddy tooth brushing after child takes a turn to be sure not to miss the front, back and top of all their teeth. Using a good fluoride tooth paste and even a fluoride rinse is recommended.

Tips for child comfort while new teeth are coming in- We used a cold wet wash cloth for our toddler to chew on. It actually cleans their gums while they are chewing on it and the cold is soothing. I have heard of people freezing a banana or teething ring as the cold is soothing to their swollen sore gums.

It is important for them to see the dentist twice a year for Dr. exams and cleanings with fluoride. New tooth brushes from the dentist every 6 months also help keep your tooth brush in good shape and reduces germs from old tooth brushes.

As permanent teeth arrive sealing the occlusal groves is a great way to help your youngster avoid cavities. Avoiding sugar gum and sugar soft drinks is also a smart way to help avoid cavities. Along with tooth brushing at night before bed and in the morning to wash away last night’s bacteria with flossing at least once a day.